Translator Réka Kiss

The Translator has been present in the translation market since 2006 and has been supporting businesses and individuals by translating market and social research materials, as well as psychological, spiritual and self-development materials.

Initially, the company’s profile was limited to translation (professional translation, video translation and subtitling), but later on has expanded to include interpreting, language teaching and language coaching.

Earlier, I worked as a sociologist, as an international research coordinator for an international market research company, where I was responsible for coordinating various social research and market research projects.

In the course of my work, I realized that if someone is not well versed in the specific field, they cannot provide a good professional translation. So I started translating, using my professional experience and knowledge, which made my work in the field of market research and social research translations much easier.

Lately, spirituality and self-development has been gaining ground, so I have expanded my translation services to include these fields, as I am familiar with them and the terminology.

I believe that a reliable, professional, high-standard translation can be produced by a translator whose profession is the same as his/ her specialist area, as it is not enough to know the terminology of the specific field but one also has to be able to use it appropriately. Therefore, I specialized in those specialist areas where I had already possessed reliable knowledge.

Being a translator is not only a profession and a vocation, but also a creative way of life that requires continuous development and learning.

For me, translating is more of a pleasure than a job, as both social sciences and psychology are my favourite fields of study and I enjoy studying them.

My aim as an English-Hungarian translator is to provide my partners with fast and thorough work.

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