Market research translation


Market research translation

The aim of market research translation is to provide a realistic picture of the given market situation and the supply and demand ratio. I provide assistance with this by offering reliable and accurate market research translations based on experience in the market research area.  I undertake market research translations for companies that carry out international research as well as for small businesses and large enterprises which want to expand their businesses on an international stage.  

What can I help you with?

  • Translation of customer questionnaires (B2C)
  • Translation of business questionnaires (B2B)
  • Translation of face to face questionnaires (F2F-Face to Face and CAPI-Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing)
  • Translations of telephone questionnaires (CATI-Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
  • Translation of online questionnaires (CAWI-Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)
  • Translation of briefingtes
  • Translation of presentations
  • Translation of research analysis
  • Translation of research reports