Why choose us?

The Hungarian Translator was established in order to provide our partners with quick, thorough, professional translations in different areas of expertise. Our company’s code is based on trustworthiness, confidentiality, strict adherence to deadlines and high-quality work done with great care.

Why choose The hungarian translator?


Quick translations

Cheetah tempo or snail tempo?
Is it important that the company doing the translation does not take weeks to complete the project? The reason our partners prefer Thehungariantranslator’s services is that we work with short deadlines and they always receive the quality they have become accustomed to.
We pay attention to the tiniest details and we are at your service when it comes to Hungarian to English and English to Hungarian translations.


Precise translations

We are sure you have seen some of the mistakes online translations apps make. Often the translation they provide is very different in meaning from the original text, makes no sense at all or produces something downright ridiculous. We guarantee this will not happen if you choose us. We give you translations of unquestionable quality and precision, as we have several decades of experience, we know the language and culture of the English speaking world through and through and we are dedicated to careful, precise work.


Experienced professional translators

Do you prefer results to experiments?Then you have come to the right place. We have successfully translated nearly 500 market and social research documents and we are proud of our many satisfied clients. Our translators, with their excellent expertise, are at your service. Have some doubts? Allow our translations to dispel them.


English to Hungarian or Hungarian to English?

Whether it is my Mom’s chatty parrot, or my parrot’s chatty mom makes all the difference in the world. Whichever one you happen to choose is no problem for us, because we translate to and from with ease. We know the idiosyncrasies of the Hungarian as well as the English language, we translate both from Hungarian to English and English to Hungarian. The quality of our services is guaranteed in both cases.